What’s Good in Tater Town 10/27/19

This week was kind of a blur with a little bit of illness(just a cold) and a lot of travel to work outside my typical workplace. I think it was mostly a good week.

  1. Both kids were home for dinner and our usual game of Life on Sunday.
  2. The Ravens beat the Seahawks and are 5-2.
  3. A phone call Tuesday made me feel better about a situation.
  4. An all afternoon training Wednesday took me out of the branch and meant gelato from the farmer’s market on break.
  5. I had another out of branch meeting Thursday and then took leave after and got home early.
  6. I was able to leave early Friday to try to get over my cold before an all-day event on Saturday
  7. Books for the Beast was yesterday. It is one of my favorite work-related things I do.
  8. Elizabeth Acevedo and Alex London were the speakers and they were really good.
  9. Free lunch and breakfast, spending the day discussing books and seeing friends. It was a good day.
  10. Kentucky beat Missouri last night and have a better shot at a bowl game now.

I don’t know what the coming week will bring. There are still forces out there trying to make my days unhappy. Those forces aren’t going anywhere. I just need to cope until I can change my situation.

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