I am starting my day today in a meeting that I am sure will not be a positive one. I am prepared for it to be negative and all of my plans for what to say revolve around that. People try to get me to think about a possible postie outcome for the meeting, but that’s not how I work. When I was in an interview recently they asked me about unexpected setbacks and I truthfully said that it is hard for me to have an unexpected setback because I operate in the mode of expecting setbacks and planning for what to do when they occur.

This is probably an unhealthy way to live. I’m sure being more positive and assuming good things would be better. I’m sure it’s a more pleasant way to live. What I’ve found, though, is that for me expecting with worst is better. I feel much better going into a situation expecting the worst and then being pleasantly surprised when it is positive. That seems much much better than being positive and expecting good things only to be disappointed over and over again. This is especially true in situations that are almost always far from positive. Why would I expect the results of this meeting to be positive when history shows me that it will never be positive? All thinking positive does it get my hopes up. It makes me think of the possible good things to come when deep down I know it isn’t going to happen. Why go through that? It seems like a bad plan.

One weird side effect to this – when I am publicly negative about my sports teams, especially Kentucky football and basketball. I call it the power of positive negativity. It is one of my weird superpowers.

So, I will continue to expect and prepare for the worst and be occasionally pleasantly surprised when I am wrong.

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