I’ve written and deleted three sentences so far. I either don’t like the sentence or I can’t decide if I want to write about what I start to write about. I just deleted the rest of the paragraph I wrote after these two sentences. I feel like I want to write about the mental state that I think is responsible for causing me to be stuck, but then I delete it all when I type it.  The downside of most of my readers being people I know and see in real life. The question of how much I want to open up about things like my mental state. It seems today I’m struggling with not wanting to say much at all.

I will just say in general terms – I’m stressed, I’m sad, I feel alone, I have a general sense of impending doom. All of this has made it hard for me to write anything lately. It’s made it hard for me to focus on my Chinese sci-fi book(or is it the book?) for my book club. It’s made it hard for me to do much at all lately.

Hopefully, this mood will break soon and I will be back to my old self. If it doesn’t maybe I will finally do what I should have done a long time ago and find a therapist to help me through the stress, anxiety and occasional depression.

Here’s hoping a less depressing post is coming tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. You do seem to be going through a bad time. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out an impartial listener who’s trained to help. Just being able to say how you feel without feeling like you’re sharing more than you’d like to with a friend can be helpful.

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  2. I do hope tomorrow is better, and then better again.
    I can relate to the opening up thing, I wonder sometimes if I’d write more freely was my blog anonymous or friends and family didn’t know.

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  3. It’s hard to admit to these feelings. Your words are honest and you’re being open. Hoping you feel better soon but maybe look for someone you can talk things over with. It may help quieten the stress. All the best and thanks for sharing your feelings of being stuck.

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