What’s on TV Tonight 9/27/19

I will skip my regular post about what I’ve watched and read this week to do the TV post. Before I move on to the abbreviated TV schedule for tonight, though, I will mention a movie and a book. We watched MIB: International. I should say my wife watched it while I dozed off and on while she watched it. I didn’t see much of it. Maybe someday I will go back and watch it while awake. I struggled through and finally finished Life L1k3 by Jay Kristoff. I probably would have given up if I wasn’t reading it for work. I know have 5 days to finish Three-Body Problem, also for work. I don’t think I will make it. Now on to tonight,

NBC – A second shot at watching the premiere of Bluff City Law and then a new Dateline.

FOX – Wrestling followed by a second shot at the premiere of Prodigal Son

CBS – Finally a network with all new shows for people like me who never leave the house on a Friday night. Hawaii 5-0 at 8. Magnum at 9. Blue Bloods at 10.

I watch Magnum even though it is not nearly as good as it could have been. It takes itself way too seriously to be Magnum. I still love Blue Bloods. My wife watches Hawaii 5-0. I guess I will watch an episode this year since they are crossing over with Magnum.

ABC – American Housewife at 8. Fresh Off The Boat at 8:30. 20/20 at 9.

I think Amerian Housewife is one of the better comedies on TV right now. More people should watch it. I also like Fresh Off The Boat but would not have been extremely sad if they had canceled it.

I watched The Unicorn and Stumptown last night. I liked both of them but can see how both could possibly go in a mediocre direction. They both have great casts and a decent premise so they could be really good. It’s reall hard to judge a show on a pilot episode, especially a sitcom. If The Unicorn can learn from Cougar Town and not focus the entire show on the main character dating and instead make it an ensemble comedy about the life of him and his friends I think it will e really good. If every episode is him going on awkward dates it will be gone soon.

Now I need to make myself read some before I have to go to work.

4 thoughts on “What’s on TV Tonight 9/27/19

  1. I forgot to watch Unicorn. Typical. About Three-Body Problem, I listened to it and did like it, though some was rough going. And now I don’t remember a whole lot. Not something I will reread.

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