What’s on TV Tonight 9/25/19

I’ve still only watched one new show this season.  I will try to watch mixed-ish and/or Emergence before work today. Here is your Wednesday:

NBC – Chicago Med at 8. Chicago Fire at 9. Chicago PD at 10.

I only watch Fire regularly. The others I only watch during crossover events. I like how they have characters from the other shows pop up sometimes to make it feel more like a shared universe. I still like Fire, but I’m tired of the two main male characters and wish they spent more time on the other more interesting characters.

FOX –  A two-hour Masked Singer.

I’ve said before that I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.  If I did, this would be mine. I enjoy trying to guess who the singers are. I just wish some of the judges were less annoying.

ABC – Goldbergs at 8. Schooled at 8:30. Modern Family at  9. Single Parents at 9:30. Stumptown at 10.

I’ve never watched The Goldbergs. I watched one episode of Schooled because Jaret Reddick and Kelly Ogden wrote and performed the theme song. I felt the need to support them. That was enough. I bought their album. I’m good. This is the final season for Modern Family. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. Single Parents was my favorite new comedy last season.

Stumptown is a new show starring Cobie Smulders as a private detective. It is based on a graphic novel series. I like PI shows and I like Smulders so I will watch it.

CBS – Survivor at 8. Big Brother at 9:30.

I still love Survivor. I work Wednesday nights so I don’t get to watch it live anymore. I usually watch as soon as I get home. Tonight will be more complicated as it is longer and my wife might want to watch New Amsterdam even though she knows my Wednesday routine.

Cable – American Horror Story on FX, Property Brothers and House Hunters on HGTV. The only thing that really matters is that the series finale of Suits is tonight. I’ve watched since the first episode. The latest seasons have been shaky, but I’m enjoying the final season. I’m glad they brought Mike back for the final two episodes. It wouldn’t be right to end the show without him.

2 thoughts on “What’s on TV Tonight 9/25/19

  1. I stopped watching Suits when mike left. My favorite part of the show was the banter between him and Harvey. I watched Prodigal Son last night….I liked it. Hope it doesn’t get too off the rails….

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