Things I Will Never Be Good At

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I guess number one is not ending a sentence with at. See? I did it again. Terrible.

I had an interview for a promotion at work today. I’m really bad at job interviews. I could go to a job interview every day for the rest of my life and I still wouldn’t be good at it. I can and have stood in front of hundreds of people at our professional development day as emcee and did an adequate enough job at it that they asked me to do it again. Then we got a new CEO and they decided not to give the spotlight to anyone else again so I was replaced, but that’s another story.  I can do that, but if you put me in a room with an interview panel I suck. I get nervous. I ramble. I talk fast. I forget to say things I wanted to say. It’s terrible. I will never be promoted. It’s just not something I’m good at(did it again).

I’m a good driver, but I would fail a driving test if I had to take one again. It’s the whole anxiety thing again. Put someone in the car with a clipboard and suddenly I forget how to drive. It took me three tries to pass my test when I got my license. When I got a job working for the newspaper in Cincinnati delivering papers to street racks and stores I had to tell the guy training me that I would never be good at remembering the route until he was gone.  Just having him in the car with me made me question where I was supposed to go next. He thought I was going to be bad at the job. When I left he told me how I was one of the better drivers they’ve had. The problem was the anxiety of being judged I’m happier driving alone.

I’m terrible at arts and crafts. I would get frustrated and be near tears in elementary school when I had to do arts and crafts. I was so bad at it and couldn’t do the assignments. When I was in middle school the art teacher let me write a research paper for extra credit so he wouldn’t be the only teacher not to give me an A. I was really bad. I was doing paper mache and trying to make a human head. It was terrible. It eventually fell over and I thought it kind of looked like a pig, so I painted it brown and called it a wild boar. I wasn’t better at any other arts and crafts. I don’t like it and I’m never going to be good at it. I’m glad others can do the arts and crafts classes at work.

I could go on and on with things I’m bad at(again!): writing, singing, making friends, mingling, networking, anything that involves talking to people, cooking, and so many other things. Maybe I should just never leave the house.


3 thoughts on “Things I Will Never Be Good At

  1. I love this post. I have a lot of things I simply cannot do. One, I cannot chew gum and walk, no joke, I fall down. I cannot use a standard pizza cutter, the kind with the wheel, at all. I cannot use a packing tape dispenser…I end of completely tied up in tape. I have lots of things I am good at, but so many that I can’t do I just have to laugh about it. My children find my failings very amusing. My husband just shakes his head and sighs.

    Ending sentences with prepositions is bred into us due to geography. Don’t feel bad about it.

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