What’s Good in Tater Town 9/22/19

A pretty decent week this week. Nothing spectacular, but nothing spectacularly bad either. Let’s see if I can remember any of it.

  1. My son came home and went to the Ravens game with me on Sunday.
  2. The Ravens won and the trains ran on schedule so it was easy to get to and from the game.
  3. My boss was on vacation and will still be on vacation this week.
  4. We are getting closer to being back to a full staff at work.
  5. Several nice weather days meant more time eating outside for work lunches.
  6. It also meant I spent time on my deck with coffee and a book on my Friday off.
  7. The Braves clinched the division and are officially headed to the playoffs.
  8. I went to see Dave Hause and the Mermaid in DC Friday night. They were very good and riding down with friends meant no driving in DC, no dealing with Metro, and no going to a concert alone as I usually do.
  9. My daughter was home for a night due to an appointment in the area.
  10. My son was home for dinner last night.

Wow. Getting to ten was easy this week. I need more weeks like this.

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