What’s Good in Tater Town 9/8/19

I still didn’t keep notes from the week, so it’s another Sunday morning of searching my memory for good things that happened. Let’s see how I do.

  1. After a little bit of yard work on Sunday, I was able to spend some time relaxing.
  2. Monday was Labor Day. Any day I don’t have to go to work is a good day.
  3. I spent my day off reading, watching old movies, and doing as little as possible.
  4. All the cleaning n Saturday meant I could just relax on my Wednesday morning off without feeling like I should do something productive.
  5. The Braves started playing the Nationals Thursday so I’ve been able to watch their games.
  6. They’ve won all three games they’ve played so far and are now 10 games up and almost guaranteed to win the division.
  7. Friday was another day off. See #2 above.
  8. My daughter came home for the weekend and traffic to and from campus was not bad at all.
  9. Football is back.
  10. Every day is another day closer to retirement.


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