What’s Good in Tater Town 8/18/19

Another not so stellar week. That has to change soon, right? Let’s see if I can find the good.

  1. My son came home Sunday night. We grilled steak and watched Detective Pikachu.
  2. A friend gave a CD to listen to and I really liked it. It’s good to find new music you like.
  3. I went to the Ravens game Thursday night. It was good to get out of the routine and it was a nice night to be at the stadium.
  4. My boss is on vacation.
  5. I worked half my day at another branch on Friday. Working two locations and traveling in between made the day go faster.
  6. I had enough reward points at Royal Farms to get a free lunch on the way from branch to branch.
  7. I worked on Friday, so I have two days off in a row this weekend.
  8. My son came home again last night for dinner and he and my wife finally say End Game.

I think that’s it for the week.

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