Life After Rant

It’s only been a day or so since I posted my rant so, obviously, there has not been a major change. Assholes are still assholes doing asshole things. It felt good to get the rant down and I meant it when I said I’m done. Post-rant, though, is hard.

I can say I’m calling people out regardless of consequences, but when those consequences affect other people I can’t be so cavalier in how I deal with the issues. It’s also hard when you know the people causing the issues don’t care and also the people who could and so something about the issues don’t care. It’s easy to get back to that point where you think “What’s the point. No one cares anyway” I’m going to keep working on avoiding that mindset. Change takes action and courage. I’m working on that.

I did unfriend someone else on Facebook who posts after every mass shooting that it is a false flag operation. I can’t be associated with someone who is so obsessed with keeping their guns that they refuse to admit mass shootings actually happen. I’m sure there are some people I unfollowed, but didn’t unfriend, who are posting horrible stuff. I can’t bring myself to look.

In general, after the rant, I am still stressed, angry and depressed. It’s hard to sit down and read, write or do anything else that takes much focus. It’s been hard to not just want to hide from the world instead of standing up to the bullies and narcissists. I’m a work in progress. Hopefully, I will get there.

3 thoughts on “Life After Rant

  1. I know what you mean. The other day I unfollowed a blogger who posted a fair amount about politics and Trump, often angry that a lot of people are angry at our doofus of a president. It’s not that he was a Trump supporter that really bothered me (though that did too) but that he consistently refused to accept that that Trump was racist or sexist and just disregarded it all. Okay, byeeee.
    There can be benefits of reading into the other side of politics, but there also comes a point for everyone where we have to decide what’s too much.

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