What’s Good in Tater Town 7/28/19

I’ve realized while thinking about this week that I don’t really remember much about this week at all. I guess it was boring and/or I’m getting old. I guess boring is better than having a long list of bad things that happened. So, what was good? Let’s see what I remember.

  1. Drew Magary’s Why Your Team Sucks 2019 series started Monday.
  2. I had a meeting Tuesday afternoon out of the branch. I decided to take personal leave after the meeting and spent time at my old branch talking to friends.
  3. My wife had a free pastry at Panera and told me to use it so I spent some time Wednesday morning reading, eating a pastry and drinking coffee at Panera.
  4. I had another meeting out of the branch Thursday afternoon. I once again decided to take leave after the meeting and spent time talking to friends and then made it home before traffic got really bad.
  5. The weather was really nice for a few days and I had my coffee and read the paper on the deck a couple of mornings.
  6. BOGO entrees at Newk’s for dinner Thursday night.
  7. I was able to mow on Friday while the grass was short and dry enough to do the entire yard on one battery charge.
  8. This meant that I was done with the yard work pretty quick and had the rest of the day to relax.
  9. I finished reading my almost 800-page book faster than I expected.
  10. The Braves has stretched their lead back to 6.5 games over the Nationals.

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