Saturday Rerun Day – Some of My Least Viewed Posts So Far This Year

I’ve posted my most viewed posts already. Now I will see if anyone wants a second look at what they didn’t read.

Good Omens! – In which I talk about my love of the book and my excitement about the TV show. I’ve watched it and am now re watching with Mrs Tater.

Alternating Dreams – In which I talk about stress dreams about applying for a promotion. I was correct in my assumption that I would interview and not get the job. It’s a pretty easy assumption to make.

Some Ideas I’ve Had Recently – the post is what it says. Some ideas I’ve had. I still think they are very good ideas.

Going it Alone – I’ve since gone to the concert alone, gone to lunch alone a lot and gone to a movie alone. Still debating going to another concert alone in a week.

A Tuesday Tater Update – in which I talk about the ALA conference where I met Frank Miller and Henry Winkler.

Tater Tours Istanbul – pictures from Istanbul!

We Are the Villains – Humans are the villains of the story. Not exactly shocking news. It gets clearer every day.

Maybe you will like them better this time?

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