Living in a Post-Civil World

I had a lot of thoughts swirling in my head this morning, but none I could form into a post. I looked at my Facebook memories and this one came up from a year ago today. Not much has changed. People are still not civil. People still feel free to spew hate about others who are not like them. People still charge through life only thinking of themselves. People are OK with kids being detained in terrible conditions because they look different than them. People still hate others because of their religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I’ve unfollowed and unfriended people on Facebook because I got tired of people alternating between posts claiming to follow Christ and posts supporting un-Christlike actions against people they hate. I’ve given up hope on it getting better.

The World's Common Tater

I’m going to go out on a limb here and declare that people were already comfortable with being rude to others long before Trump was elected president. I will say, though, that having a president who spends his days insulting people on Twitter does go a long way toward empowering people to do the same. But, the lack of civility started way before Trump and extends into every part of life, not just politics. The political side of it just gets all the news.

Anyone who works with the public has to have noticed that people say please and thank you a lot less than they used to. It’s amazing the number of times I’m on the phone and at the end of the transaction, there is complete silence as I’m waiting for the thank you and the other person seems confused as to why I am still on the…

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