A Tuesday Tater Update

I have a few minutes before I head off to the ALA closing session so I thought I would write a little about why I haven’t posted since Friday(missing my usual What’s Good post).

I’ve been attending the American Library Association Conference in DC since Friday. The conference opened with Jason Reynolds

and then the exhibits opened. The exhibit area is full of publishers and other companies who do business with libraries. There is a ton of free stuff, including ARCs of upcoming books. I could spend the entire conference in the exhibit area and be happy, but there are also a lot of good programs about library services to attend.

Saturday I focused on the learning part of the conference and skipped the one speaker, Hoda Kotb, that I wanted to see because I couldn’t figure out another time to eat lunch. I went the wrong direction looking for food and ended up eating at Bolt Burger because it was the first place I found. Had I headed the other direction I would have found plenty of options. I then met my son for dinner and the rest of the family met us and we went to the Braves/Nationals game.

Sunday I went to more classes, but also went to the talk with Frank Miller in the ballroom. I found out when I got there that he would be signing books after. I always bail on the author talks when the Q & A starts because the people asking questions annoy me, so when we got to that point I went out and got in line for the signing. I was near the front and got the book signed pretty quick. I thought meeting him would be the highlight of the conference. My afternoon session was a dud, so I left and went back to the exhibits. I had heard that Henry Winkler was at the conference, but not that he was signing. While in the exhibits, i saw people lined up to see him, so I got in line and this happened


Yesterday, I went to a few more classes and also heard George Takei and Tomi Adeyemi speak. I also finally got to eat lunch at Busboys and Poets(it was packed on Sunday when I tried to go).

Today I go to the closing session with Mo Rocca and then I have tickets to see my favorite band tonight.

It has been a good weekend, but I’m exhausted.

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