A Tale of Two Taters

This is my weekend off. I have two days in a row with no obligations. The only thing I have to do is pick people up from the airport tomorrow. The airport is BWI, so this will be easier than the dropoff at National. There are two Taters battling over how to live this obligation free weekend.

Responsible Tater – I should really mow today before the rain starts tomorrow. On a normal day, I wouldn’t feel like I need to mow. The grass looks fine and I could probably wait several days before I did it. However, it is supposed to rain a lot this week so if I don’t mow it will be very tall and probably damp by the time I get a chance to mow again. I also really need to do some cleaning around the house before others get back tomorrow. I’ve got plenty of time today and tomorrow to get all of this done.

Tired Tater – Tired Tater has already opted to watch Happy Death Day 2 U before even considering doing any of the work that needs to be done. As stated above, without the forecast of rain I wouldn’t look at the yard and think I needed to mow. There’s no reason to mow. I can wait until next weekend after the rain is over. If anything, all the really needs to be done is a quick cleaning of the toilets and then the rest of the day can be spent relaxing. We can go to the street festival in the neighborhood and then I can take a nap this afternoon. I can spend my time tomorrow between church and the airport reading on the couch. Getting rest is more important than getting things done.

I think what will happen is a merge of the two Taters. I will finish the movie and clean bathrooms before my daughter wakes up. We will head down to the festival early afternoon and I will mow when we get back and then rest the rest of the day. Tomorrow I won’t do anything but go to church, read and go to the airport.

I’m looking forward to Vacation Tater in July when all I will do is sit by the pool at my brother’s house.


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