Tater’s TV Week Ends: The CW Fall Schedule

I’m surprised there are some new shows to talk about considering the CW renewed every show that was not already ending.  I actually watch a lot of CW because I really like the DC shows.

Monday – 8pm All American 9PM Black Lightning

I really like All American and I was happy to see t was renewed. Watch it on Netflix this summer and then watch season 2 in the fall. It’s good. We watched some Black Lightning, but when we got behind on it we realized we didn’t really care enough to go back to finish it.

Tuesday – 8pm The Flash 9pm Arrow

The two original DC shows together again as Arrow begins its final season. We stopped watching Arrow a while back. I feel like we need to catch up on Netflix over the summer so we can watch the final season. Flash is fun and even though I’m behind because I’m waiting for my daughter to watch with me, I still really like it.

Wednesday – 8pm Riverdale 9pm Nancy Drew

I really liked the first season of Riverdale, but couldn’t make it through more than a handful of episodes of season 2. I will probably give Nancy Drew a try to see what they do with it.

Thursday – 8pm Supernatural 9pm Legacies

I don’t watch either one. My daughter has been watching Legacies now that it is on Netflix, so I’m sure she will want me to record the next season for her.

Friday – 8pm Charmed 9pm Dynasty

Two remakes. I have no interest in either.

Sunday – 8pm Batwoman 9pm Supergirl

More DC shows. I still like Supergirl a lot and I will give Batwoman a try. I’m looking forward to the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover next season.

Midseason – Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene, Legends of Tomorrow, Roswell, In the Dark and The 100. I will only watch Legends. Legends is the most fun of the DC shows.

I might do a look at the entire schedule tonight, but now that we all watch on streaming and DVR does it really matter what is on against what?


11 thoughts on “Tater’s TV Week Ends: The CW Fall Schedule

  1. Now that I know all that’s on offer, I once again doubt that I’ll watch anything. CBS’s Evil on Thursdays sounds interesting, but as you say, it could go either way in quality. NBC’s Bluff City Law is of interest because, Jimmy Smits, but I have reception issues with an antenna.

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      1. So, we watched it last night. Interesting ending. I can’t imagine any of the main cast is in any danger of not being on the show next year. I never know how I feel about the bait and switch twists like that. It will make me watch the season premiere as soon as it airs, so I guess it did its job.

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      2. That was my thought…bait and switch….you know someone died, but was it a paramedic? I guess there had to be a cliffhanger, but I thought this was a bit too much. It was almost too predictable.

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      3. That was my thought too. Thought I keep thinking they’re writing bloom off the show. I wondered if her rehab stint was some sort of contract dispute. She’s actually my least favorite character

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