The Week Where Tater Talks TV: The NBC Fall Schedule

This is the week I love to write about and no one reads. The TV Network Upfronts are here and I will have a post to discuss each network’s fall schedule. NBC goes first tomorrow and the schedule is out, so it’s a bonus Sunday night post. Exciting, I know. Before I get to the schedule – I’m very disappointed that Abby’s and AP Bio are still up in the air. I love AP Bio and Abby’s is growing on me. Why not just give them a midseason slot. I’m sure something won’t last and you will have time slots to fill. Fill them with good shows that people already know and not new stuff you will just cancel anyway. Do it! Now the schedule:

Monday – 8PM – The Voice 10PM Bluff City Law

I used to watch The Voice, but there is too much of it. I can’t watch that much, especially since most of it is filler. I might try Bluff City Law. It stars Jimmy Smits as a civil rights lawyer in Memphis. I like him and it’s been a while since I’ve had a good lawyer show to watch. Maybe this will be one.

Tuesday – 8PM The Voice 9PM This is Us 10pm New Amsterdam

Still not watching The Voice. I’m one of the few people not watching This is Us. I really like New Amsterdam and will keep watching next season.

Wednesday – Still One Chicago night. 8pm – Med 9pm – Fire 10pm PD

I still only watch Fire. I like Fire, but the leads(Casey and Severide) are boring. I want more episodes about the goofball group that runs the bar. They are the best part of the show.

Thursday – 8PM – Superstore 8:30pm Perfect Harmony 9pm The Good Place 9:30pm Sunnyside 10pm SVU

I love Superstore and The Good Place. They are two of the best comedies on TV right now. Perfect Harmony looks fun. Bradley Whitford plays a Princeton music professor who stumbles into a small town choir practice and stays on as the choir director. Anna Camp stars as one of the choir members. I watched the trailer and enjoyed it. Sunnyside stars Kal Penn as a former New York City Councilman who is hired to help a group of people become US citizens. I was not that impressed by the trailer, but I like Penn, so I might give it a shot.

Friday – 8pm Blacklist 9pm Dateline

I watch Blacklist, but I’m getting a little bored with it. They could have ended it with this season and I would have been OK with it.

Saturday – 8pm Saturday Dateline Mystery 10pm SNL encore 11:30 SNL

Noting there for me. I might watch SNL if the host is interesting.

Sunday – Football

Depends on the game.

Not much of a change to the schedule at all. Some shows I watch are being held for midseason – Brooklyn 99, Manifest and Good Girls are all better than shows on the main schedule. The Kenan Show, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Lincoln all sound good and I will give them a look whenever they finally air.

The FOX schedule is next – Sometime tomorrow so look for my post tomorrow night sometime.


7 thoughts on “The Week Where Tater Talks TV: The NBC Fall Schedule

  1. None of the 3 new NBC shows we got trailers for impressed me. I think NBC is the strongest channel when it comes to good shows of all genres (but specifically comedy), though I don’t think those 3 shows prove this. I am interested to see what Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist will be like because that sounds like a unique concept.

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    1. I haven’t watched the trailer for bluff city law yet. I only had a chance to watch the others because my daughter was home and loves Bradley Whitford. He’s the only reason we will try that one.


  2. I like the idea of a show with Jimmy Smits, but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to watch it regularly. I now have an HD antenna, which works really welll, except for NBC. When we have weather, evidently that causes a problem. As I recall, NBC was always a problem before cable was a thing.

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  3. I stopped watching Blacklist awhile ago. I got bored by the story. I like New Amsterdam more than I thought I would…interesting cast, and I live near Bellevue and they film a lot of outdoor shots in my neighborhood, so that’s fun

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  4. We were watching Blacklist. Haven’t got a clue what episode we are on.. we were enjoying it but then stopped watching it. Have never seen Chicago Fire.. or the other programmes you mention. I’m in the UK.

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