Tater Talks Teachers

I had another topic in mind for today that I pushed to Thursday when I saw some posts about Teacher Appreciation Week. I decided to use today’s post to write about some of my favorite teachers at each level.

Elementary School –  I have to admit that I really don’t remember much about my elementary school teachers. It was a long time ago. I do remember my 1st-grade teacher, Mrs. Reagan, and I remember liking her, but that’s about it. Her daughter was only a year or two younger than me, so I mostly remember her that way. My 6th-grade teacher was also the pastor of my church. He’s more memorable because I knew him from church, not for school reasons. The most memorable person for me from this time was the principal, Butch Canty. He always was supportive and had nice things to say about me to my mom. He eventually became the superintendent of schools for the county. Obviously because of his ability to spot genius. I enjoyed my time at Beaver Dam Elementary School and the teachers prepared me academically for middle school.

Middle School – Also mainly a very fuzzy memory as far as teachers go. I can tell you stories about school and the students, but I only have strong memories of two teachers, Mr. Blankenship, the shop teacher, and Mr. Hunter, the art teacher. I was bad at both classes., but loved the teachers. I took every shop class available because I liked Mr. B so much. He was a fun teacher and patient with the kids like me who were really bad at woodworking.  Plus, in one class we got to make and race CO2 cars.  I would have taken shop classes all day if they would have let me. Mr. Hunter was also very nice and patient with me when I was really bad at art. He let me write a paper for extra credit so he wouldn’t be the only teacher to give me a B that semester. I’m sure my other teachers were good, but I can’t really remember them at all.

High School – There are a few to talk about here:

Mrs. Bradley – She was my English teacher and my French teacher. I took three years of French and in French Club, so poor Mrs. Bradley saw me a lot. She was also my friend Jeremy’s mom. She was kind and patient and helped me become a better me.

Mrs. Elmore – English – I think a lot of people have her on their list. She was a great teacher and inspired a love of reading.

Mr. Brown – Social Studies – He inspired an interest in current events and is probably the reason I read the newspaper every day.

Mr. Hale – Last, but not least, the science teacher for multiple generations at Ohio County High School. Probably the best teacher to ever teach at the school and maybe one of the best to ever teach in the state. He is brilliant, funny and caring and we were all better because of him. I also knew him and his family from church, so another one who was unlucky enough to see me way too much.

I would go on through college, but I never experienced the college professor who changed my life. There were plenty of good teachers, but none who really inspired me that much. I found more inspiration with my work friends at the library and my friends at the Baptist Student Union than I did in classes.

Thank you to all the teachers who had a part in making me who I am.


5 thoughts on “Tater Talks Teachers

  1. As a fellow “Hale-baby” I endorse this post. He is amazing and I would not be a chemist today if not for him.

    I loved all of the other HS teachers you mentioned as well, I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to sit in their classes.

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