What’s Good in Tater Town 5/5/19

I obviously opted against doing my normal weekly review of my reading and viewing. I thought I might do it yesterday, but I only had one movie and one book for the week. The movie will be included in this list. I hope the break from writing will not mean I get in the habit of not writing regularly. On to what’s good.

  1. My daughter was inducted into an honor society at college on Sunday. We went to the induction ceremony and then all four of us went out to eat after.img_1395
  2. The timing worked out perfectly so I was able to go see Endgame at 10am Wednesday morning before leaving for a conference. I was able to see it without any spoilers. It was a satisfying ending to the story of the original Avengers.
  3. I left the movie and drove directly to the state library conference. I’ve been involved with the state library association and the conference for over 20 years. It’s nice that my employers continue to allow me to go every year.
  4. There were others from work at the conference who at least pretended they didn’t mind hanging out with me in between sessions.
  5. My pub quiz team won three individual rounds and the overall prize. I did not really contribute at all. I just had smart teammates.img_1399
  6. The keynote speaker Friday morning was really good and the last session I went to was also very good. I ended the conference on a high note.
  7. I made it home Friday early enough to be able to finish my book club book before I left that evening for book club. I was able to keep my streak of finishing every book alive.
  8. Book club night means spending time with friends I used to see every day before I transferred. That’s always a fun time.
  9. 65 people came to our May the 4th Spring Fest at work yesterday. The coworker I left behind and abandoned for the conference did a great job putting it all together.
  10. My son was part of the fest with as our nature expert as part of his job. It was nice t hear people talk about what a good job he was doing before they even knew it was my son.

After a rocky start, it was a very good week. Let’s hope my week back in the real world isn’t terrible.

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