In Which Tater Overestimates How Much People Want to Ask Him Things

Yesterday I posted on Facebook and here in the blog that I wanted to do an ask me anything post. I offered to answer personal questions, hypothetical, etc. I thought I would get enough questions for a blog post. After all, 10’s of people read this blog and a little over 100 of my Facebook friends pity like my page. That should get me plenty of questions, right? Ha. If you said right you are just as delusional as me. I got three questions. Three! I could post it again, but I doubt it would do any good. I guess maybe since I post every random thought that pops in my head maybe no one has a need to ask me questions. More likely, the world is just apathetic about me and my thoughts. So, I will answer the three questions I got.

  1. My Facebook friend Ed asks – “If you could travel anywhere, but you couldn’t return. Where would you go?” – I’m assuming my family can go with me? and that people can visit me? If not, that’s a depressing question and I will track you down and punch you. If so, a little easier. I’m assuming I have to pick a city and I can go anywhere in the city, but can’t leave the city. I would probably pick NYC. It’s got everything I could possibly ever want to do, green spaces if I want to feel like I’m not in the city and is close enough for people to visit me. Plus, I love the city and would move there tomorrow if I could. I considered Hawaii for the weather and I might go with that if people aren’t allowed to visit me.
  2. Nick asks -“Is a hot dog a sandwich?” – It is not. A sandwich has certain specifications and the hot dog does not meet those specifications. I feel a hot dog is its own entity that defies definition, but if I had to define it I would go with this article that states that a hot dog is a taco. Using the cube rule a hot dog is a taco because it has starch on the bottom and two opposing sides. So, no, a hot dog is not a sandwich.
  3. Heidi asks -“What’s both the best part, and the worst part of working in a library?” – I don’t want to take this one seriously because the last thing I need is someone from work reading this and being mad at me for what I say. Worst part? All the librarians. Not really, but I do think too many librarians take themselves way too seriously. I can’t participate in library groups online because of all of the drama and people taking things way too seriously. Get over yourselves. You aren’t special. Best thing? Sometimes there’s free cake. There’s always free books. Sometimes people actually appreciate you. Rarely, but sometimes.

That’s it. That’s all the questions and my answers.

3 thoughts on “In Which Tater Overestimates How Much People Want to Ask Him Things

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