I Don’t Like My Neighbors

I know the Bible says you should love your neighbor, but I think it is OK to not like them very much. I’m not talking about the people who actually live right around me. I don’t really know most of them and I like the ones I do know. The neighbors I’m talking about are the ones who are active on the Next Door app and before that the ones who participated a lot on the community email list. It seems like a good portion of them are this guy


The most recent string of posts:

A guy preemptively complaining about how now that it is spring he’s sure his neighbors won’t take care of their lawns and how we all need to take better care of our lawns because he hates when people don’t mow their lawn.

The same guy complaining that his neighbors don’t bring their trash cans in fast enough and then taking pictures of said trash cans the day after trash day and even posting the address of the “offenders”. He did not want to listen to the people who suggested there might be a reason they don’t get the cans immediately and perhaps instead of trying to publicly shame them he should talk to them in person.

Another person making sure everyone knows it is illegal to park across a sidewalk.

Someone complaining that people’s dogs poop in front of their house. They picked it up, but she still thinks it is rude for a dog to poop in front of her house.

Another person chiming in claiming they make sure their dog poops in their yard before taking them for a walk so they won’t poop in front of someone else’s house.

Personally, I’m happy when my dog poops in front of the house with the Pittsburgh Steelers flag out front.

I ranted about this before when someone planned to call the police on someone for walking while black.

They post warnings when people are going door to door.

They are even suspicious of the fire department when they do their annual donation drive.

When someone is robbed at night they blame the victim for being out at night, especially when they are a kid.

It’s just a bunch of miserable people trying to make everyone miserable.

I shouldn’t be surprised. We seem to revel in being miserable these days.

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