It’s Just Sports

I am a big sports fan. I go to most Ravens home games. I watch every game I’m not at on TV. I watch every Kentucky basketball game. I’ve been a Braves fan for years. I’m not much of an NBA fan. I don’t watch hockey at all. I care about what happens with my teams. I will post during games to complain about things. Calls that go against us, bad plays, whatever. I have a weird superstition that I have to post that I’ve given up and that we will lose a game so that I will be wrong and we will win. I have complained about the one and done system in college basketball and I still think it is flawed. I’m sure I’ve complained about the coach of every team I follow. That’s a normal part of sports.

What’s not normal? Going to Twitter or Instagram after a loss to troll the family of the coach of your team. Posting negative comments and wishes that the team will fire the coach on the Twitter and Instagram of the coach’s kids and wife. What’s not normal is attacking college kids on their social media because they lost a game. What’s not normal is telling a kid you hope he tears his ACL  because he chose your rival school. What’s not normal is being so obsessed with sports that you can’t get over a loss.

If you are an adult who has trolled a coach’s family member on social media because of a loss you should get help. If you are an adult who has told a kid you hope they are injured because they picked the “wrong” team, you need therapy. It’s also possible you are an asshole and I’m not sure that’s curable. Maybe think about it this way – How would you feel if we trolled your mom about your skills at flipping burgers at McDonalds? It would suck, wouldn’t it?

It’s just sports. Grow up and deal with it like an adult

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