My Week in Books, Movies and TV 3/29/19

It was a slow week for me. It wasn’t a week for focusing on a book for long. There was a lot of screen time, but mostly old stuff. So feel free to stop reading now.

Movies – We only watched one movie this week. We had the option of a movie we had not seen before and the bad remake of Point Break we had seen but my wife didn’t remember. She opted for Point Break. It was still bad. I spent most of the time looking at my phone, scrolling through Twiter. I’m fine with remakes. I didn’t think it was bad because I compared it to the old one. It was just bad.

TV – I’m desperately trying to keep my DVR from reaching capacity. There are way too many shows I’m saving for my daughter to watch when she’s home from college. I try to watch all of the shows I watch alone as soon as I can to keep some free space. That means most of what I’m watching is the new episodes of shows I already watch. I’m watching Grey’s as I write this. There were two new shows I wanted to watch this week. The TV version of What We Do in the Shadows and Abby’s. I did watch the first and hope to have time to watch Abby’s before I go to work today. I liked What We Do in the Shadows. It was funny, but I don’t know if it is something I would want to watch on a weekly basis. I think it would get old fast. I have high hopes for Abby’s and will report on it next week.

Books – I didn’t finish a book this week. That’s mostly because I was re-reading The Girl With All the Gifts for my work book club. I’m not someone who re-reads books. There are so many good books out there. Why would I spend time reading one I already read? This took me away from the new book I was reading, so I did not finish a new book this week. That is rare.

On Deck – Equalizer 2 is waiting for me at the library. I put all the rest of my movie holds on inactive status because our weekends have been filled with basketball lately. Soon I will have more movies than I can watch. Santa Clarita Diet and On My Block come back on Netflix today so any time I have away from the DVR clearing I will spend watching those. I should finish reading Bearskin by James A McLaughlin this week.

2 thoughts on “My Week in Books, Movies and TV 3/29/19

  1. I mean, you COULD go grey-market if you have a Roku… install Plex on your computer, suck everything off your DVR into a TV library on Plex, and not have to worry about the space (until you fill a hard drive and need to buy more of them, says the guy with seven USB hard drives and three internals with a fourth waiting to be installed when I can buy a larger case to hold them all)

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