Going it Alone

I bought a ticket today to go see my favorite band when they do a show in the area in June. The last time I saw my favorite band I swore I wasn’t doing it again. It had nothing to do with the band. I still love them and they still put on a good show. It was me saying it was the last time I was going to a show alone. All but one of the Bowling For Soup shows I’ve been to have been a solo affair for me. My son went once before he started listening to different types of music. Otherwise, it’s been me alone. I went to one in Baltimore the night before a conference and then drove to Ocean City immediately after, arriving at around 4am. I drove 90 minutes alone to see them in Lancaster, PA. I’ve gone to Baltimore other times to see them. This time I will be going alone to a new venue to see them with Reel Big Fish and Nerf Herder.

I finally decided to go alone for the same reason I recently had dinner alone when I had a free entree for my birthday and the same reason I sometimes go to the movies alone. My kids are away. My wife works a lot and when she is not working she likes to stay at home. She thinks movies and concerts are too expensive and likes to eat at the same places and even then, very rarely. I don’t mind being at home. I enjoy being home with her watching our shows or the sports we enjoy. I do, however, still want to to the movies occasionally. I don’t want to miss my favorite band being in town. I want to try new restaurants. The easier option here is to go it alone. I’m off every other Friday. I can go to the movies then while she is at work. I went to the restaurant alone while she was working late.  The concerts are a once a year or so event. I can do the things I enjoy without taking too much time away from tome together. I just need to learn to deal with being the loser sitting alone.


6 thoughts on “Going it Alone

  1. I go to tons of concerts alone every year. It’s one of my favorite things and I would rather go by myself than not go at all. Every once in awhile I will have a friend who wants to go, and I definitely drag my husband more often than he would like. Though his birthday present to me last year was that I could take him to any concert I wanted. I definitely put that into use and made him go to way more shows than I normally do. I did just buy a ticket today for a concert in October that I’m going to go to by myself.

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  2. Believe me, you’re not the only person there who went alone, although I haven’t been brave enough to go to a concert alone. I do eat out alone quite a bit and have come to enjoy it. I’ve learned what areas of the restaurant not to sit in because they forget you’re there. Don’t get seated at a table tucked into a corner.

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  3. I’ve also gone to things alone (concerts, movies, conventions, etc…) and yeah, it certainly is a different, quieter vibe, but I’m always glad I got to experience the thing anyway. Perhaps see if there are local Facebook fan groups or Meetups you can join and find other solo like-minded people to go with?

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