A Good Day in Tater Town

I should probably save all of this for my weekly What’s Good post, but I’m gonna go ahead and talk about the now. I will confuse the people who know me by being positive.

  1. I started the day with a free breakfast out. Download those restaurant apps people!
  2. I an officially official to go to the state library conference.
  3. My friend and coworker is also officially approved to go to the state library conference.
  4. I got to spend the day talking about the conference. The conference and the Maryland Library Association has been a very important part of my career. I spent years on the conference committee and running pub quiz and hope to get back the conference committee next year.
  5. I spent some of the day talking sports with a regular customer.
  6.  I talked sports with another customer when they realized I was wearing a Kentucky jacket and they were wearing a Duke jacket.
  7. I ate lunch outside.
  8. I walked the dog after work with no jacket.
  9. I am enjoying some bourbon while watching The Walking Dead.
  10. The bourbon is my excuse to any typos.
  11. It’s still light outside at 6:30
  12. I can have more bourbon if I feel like it.
  13. Bourbon…yum

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