What’s Good in Tater Town 3/10/19

Another generally uneventful week. Not much of note at all. Let’s see if I can remember anything that happened.

  1. Pancake dinner at church Tuesday night. Any excuse to eat pancakes for dinner, especially when someone else cooks them.
  2. Kentucky won Tuesday night on the road against Ole Miss without Reid Travis.
  3. I made it out of the dentist office Wednesday morning without them finding a reason I need to go back before my next cleaning.
  4. I finally convinced myself to use some of my 2200 hours of sick leave to go home early on Thursday and rest to try to get over the cold I’ve had all week.
  5. I received an email Thursday that I can go to the MLA Conference(pending supervisor approval). I’ve been involved in MLA for my entire career and I was afraid this would be the year I had to miss the conference.
  6. I also received an email on Friday about interviewing for a promotion at work.
  7. I had half a day on Friday after some cleaning to rest, watch TV and read.
  8. Kentucky beat Florida, Tennessee lost to Auburn and now Kentucky is the 2 seed in the SEC tournament and will have an earlier game Friday night.
  9. Duke lost to UNC giving Kentucky a better chance at a 1 seed in the tournament.
  10. Murray State won last night and will be in the NCAA tournament so I will have two Kentucky teams to cheer for in March Madness.

As you can see, we are entering the time of year when my life will revolve around basketball. I love this time of year.

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