Some Ideas I’ve Had Recently

I was talking to someone at work about TV crossovers and mentioned that Bret Harrison and Tyler Labine had appeared on another show as their Reaper characters. In Reaper, Ray Wise played the devil Ray Wise is now on Fresh Off the Boat as the dentist neighbor Marvin. I really want them to show up briefly on that show so that those if us who watched Reaper now know that Marvin is actually the devil.

Another, more mundane TV one – I want Blue Bloods and Magnum PI to crossover so Tom Selleck appears on the new Magnum as his Blue Bloods character. It seems wrong to have them on the same network and not find a way to have the Magnums interact.

There were two stories back to back this week on the news. One was about the Space X rocket. The other was about anti-vaxers. I feel like we could fix some issues by combining the two. Put the anti-vaxers on the Space X rocket and send them to colonize the moon.

This is one I’ve had for a while – Tinder for Books. A Tinder type app where you put in your info as a reader and then swipe left or right on the books. Connect with Amazon or a local library so when you swipe right you can either buy or place a hold on the book.

I think I’m a genius.

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