Changing Goals

More on the topic of goals today. I was asked yesterday about goals and specifically asked if a certain job was my goal. It would have served me in the short term to just say yes, that is my career goal. Did I do that? Of course not. My problem over the years is that I am apparently unable to play the game that needs to be played to get ahead. The thing to do there was to say yes, my career goal is to be X, please hire me to do X. And yes, that is a current career goal. I would like to do X. I would be good at X. I don’t think there should be any question that I would be good at X. But is that my end goal? I really don’t know. Maybe. Maybe I get hired to do X and I’m very happy doing X and I want to do X for the rest of my work life. But the thing is, goals change. Life changes.

Maybe my wife gets a new job and we have to move. Doesn’t matter what my career goal was, now my career goal is to find a decent job in the new location. Maybe I win the lottery. Nw my career goal is to quit in a way that will not alert people that I won the lottery. Maybe I’m so good at my job I’m offered the chance to move to a higher level job and it is something that excites me. Now my career goal has moved up the ladder. Maybe I get a notification that a job I didn’t even know existed is open and it is the perfect situation for me. It would be hard to have that goal if I didn’t even know it could be a goal.

So, I guess my goal is to stay aware of opportunities, take chances and go for those opportunities when they arise and to know which opportunity is the right one for me.


7 thoughts on “Changing Goals

  1. YES. So “professional development” stuff at work was always my downfall. First of all I’m just plain ornery; second, I was born to work for and by myself! And now we’re hearing (see a recent article in the Atlantic) that part of Americans’ problems with work is that we’re working too much and too long–and making it our faith, making our coworkers our family, the place where we find transcendence. Instead of as we used to view jobs–as JOBS. We work. We go home and don’t think about work. Stand firm. Keep your eyes open. And play the lottery! Great post!


    1. I spent 19 years working in a one person library. I’ve spent 24 years pretty much doing my own thing, doing my job and going home. I decided long ago my success in life was how I raised my kids, not professional development.

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