The Blahs

This is officially blah season. August we had the excitement of my daughter moving away to college. Soon after that, we entered the Halloween season. Not as exciting without kids, but still, something fun. After Halloween, we go into holiday mode. Thanksgiving and Christmas are within my sights and with them a break from the routine and a chance to spend time with family. This year, we had a trip to Florida in January, so we even had something to look forward to immediately after the holidays. After that, I had my birthday to anticipate. Add into all of that the fact that each month has a holiday that gives me a day off work. It’s a good time of year.

Looking ahead there is nothing exciting on the horizon. Eventually summer will feel closer and that will be good, but for now, nothing. No days off until Good Friday in April. No trips until late May. Nothing but getting up and going to work. Getting up and going to work is depressing these days. I need something to look toward.

Last year I had PLA conference in Philadelphia in March and MLA in May. This year, I don’t think I will go to a conference. In years past I looked forward to being the emcee at our professional development day. I am no longer the emcee and attend the day like all of the commoners. I didn’t chaperone the youth conference this month like I have in the past.

I am officially in the blahs. I need to find some things to look forward to.

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