Drive Angry: Nic Cage Movie or the Story of My Commute?

I’ve written about Traffic before.  Here as well I once even wrote about traffic for our local Patch back when we had local people running the local Patch. I just did a google search and it’s still out there. Click here if you want to read that one. Guess what? Traffic still really irritates me.

I suffer from road rage. I don’t go as far as trying to fight someone for doing something that makes me mad, but on really bad days I yell a lot and say some not nice things. The furthest I go in interacting with other divers is usually honking the horn. If it is really bad there might be some sort of gesture trying to relay how stupid I think they are. I try to focus on music or a book, but the stupid usually distracts me from it. Today, for example. Every time it rains here traffic grinds to a halt. My 12 mile, usually 20-25 minute drive doubles to at least 45 minutes of following Waze trying to route me around the standstill traffic on my normal route. On these roads, I run into so many people driving way too slow, not going when the light is green and refusing to turn right on red unless they have no traffic coming for a mile. I’m already irritated because my commute is messed up and now I have to deal with this. It drives me crazy. I have serious issues. I still haven’t found the music that will relax me.

I thought it might get better when I started driving home to an empty house and most days it does I just don’t get why any rain destroys the commute. It’s not like it never rains here. We should all be used to driving in the rain. It shouldn’t take 45 minutes to drive 12 miles because it’s a little moist outside. I know it will be a bad drive when it is wet. I need to find the music that will calm me on those days. I also need the other drivers in the area to stop being so stupid.

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3 thoughts on “Drive Angry: Nic Cage Movie or the Story of My Commute?

  1. I’m with you on this. Ever since my days of commuting into DC from Alexandria in the early ’80s. It never changes. Sometimes even the threat of rain, like a really cloudy day, will bring out the rainy-driving mentality in people. I’ve never understood and I guess I never will. So the streams of foul language will continue to spew from my mouth when I end up in rainy-day traffic. Fortunately, since I’m retired and don’t have to go out every day regardless of weather, it doesn’t happen frequently. Another good thing about being retired.

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