Tater Madlibs! (Kind of, Not Really)

I’ve hit another point where outside of my Friday “Week in Books, TV and Movies” and my Sunday “What’s Good in Tater Town” posts, I am blocked when it comes to new posts. I looked at blog post suggestions yesterday to come up with the bucket list post and now my mind is a vast empty space.

As I mentioned in a previous post it’s hard to be a blogger when you’re boring. Now that my vacation post is done and I’ve written about my decision regarding a job offer, there hasn’t been a lot worth writing about. My daughter is back in school this week, so my days are spent at work and then a few hours alone at night until my wife comes home and we watch TV or basketball and then go to bed. It’s not an exciting life.

So, once again, I ask you dear reader, what do you want me to write about? Any burning questions you have for Tater? Any topic you think I should consider? Advice? I can be Dear Abby for a post.


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