What’s Good in Tater Town 1/27/19

This one will be easier because I’m going to cheat and cover the last two weeks, one of which included a nice family vacation. I won’t take the easy route and use the vacation for all ten good things. Here we go..

  1. I was off work last week and in Florida where the coldest day was still in the 60s.
  2. All four of us were able to go on the trip. It was the first time in 9 years we were able to do our winter trip to Florida. It was really nice to be back.
  3. It was our first trip to Universal since Harry Potter World opened. More than anything else on the trip, this was the place that brought out the kid in my adult children. I definitely think Universal is better than Disney at this point.
  4. The parks were fun, but the day off in the middle was also really nice. It was a nice warm day with nothing to do but play tennis, play cornhole, play pool and read by the pool. It really made me long for retirement.
  5. I received a phone call on that day off that was a job offer. I eventually opted to stay where I am, but it was nice to know that someone thinks I’m worth hiring. I was beginning to think otherwise.
  6. Even though we had snowstorm the day before we left and really cold temperatures the day we returned, we made the 13-hour drive there and back without incident.
  7. I had one last week this week of my daughter being at home. We go back to the empty nest today.
  8. Meetings and being shadowed by a graduate student at work this week kept the first week back from being too post-vacation depressing.
  9. The meeting and an interview gave me a reason to visit my friends at my previous branch, I’m sure that was a morale boost for them.
  10. Kentucky beat Kansas last night.

We will see how easy next week ill be as I go back to a full week of work and many hours at home alone in the empty nest. At least the hours alone will give me time to have things to report in my reading and TV watching on Friday.

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