What’s Good in Tater Town 1/13/19

This will be good for me today. I can focus on thinking about the good of the week instead of worrying about my son who refused to drive home last night before the snow got bad and instead will be driving home today. I’m not sure why no one ever listens to me. I’m a genius.

  1. The Ravens lost, but it was fun going to a playoff game again. Even if I sell my PSL I would still try to get tickets to any playoff games. It’s a fun atmosphere.
  2. My daughter made it safely to and from New Jersey with a group of her friends from college.
  3. I’m happy that she has a good group of friends at school. I knew she would be fine academically, I’m glad the social part is good as well.
  4. Kentucky won both of their basketball games this week.
  5. I got my outside Christmas lights down before the snow hit this weekend.
  6. I had a free sandwich at Mission BBQ to eat this week. Free food is the best food.
  7. While it was a boring week, it was not a particularly stressful week. That was a nice change.
  8. While others have already gone back to school, I have another couple of weeks before we go back to the empty nest.
  9. We are going on vacation as a family gain starting tomorrow.
  10. Assuming we make it out of town, we will trade snowy Maryland for sunny Florida for a week.

Not sure if I will post much next week. I’m sure the handful of people reading this are very sad about that.

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