2019 Thoughts

I’m not going to make official resolutions. I’m not going to call these goals. I’m just going to post some thoughts about what I would like from 2019. Maybe they are goals.

  1. This one is an actual goal – My usual read 100 books goal. I’ve been able to get to 100 every year so far, but just barely. I would like to read more and look at my phone less this year and make the 100 with time to spare. I would also like to read more authors I’ve not read before and take the time to go back and read older books I missed when they were released.
  2. I would like to spend less time sitting at home on the couch and more time out of the house doing stuff. I don’t really care what I’m doing. It could be a movie. It could just be dinner out. It could be spending more time exploring DC and Baltimore. We’ve gotten in the bad habit of spending most of our non-work hours sitting at home in front of the TV. I like TV, but I need more.
  3. To go along with the above, I would like to spend more time outside. It rained a lot last year and because of that, I spent a lot of time inside. I need to take more walks, hike, sit on the deck and read when the weather is nice. Just be outside.
  4. Find some way to not dread leaving the house in the morning. I think some of the above sitting on the couch comes from the fact that I don’t have a day to day life that makes me happy to leave the house in the morning. My days can be mentally and emotionally draining and that leads to wanting to go home and hide from the world. Whatever it takes, I need to find something that makes me not dread going to work in the morning.
  5. I want to figure out if I should try to write something besides a blog post I can write in 15 minutes or less. Do I have what it takes to do more long-form writing? Do I want to do that? Do I want to write content that takes research and time? Do people want to read that here? Do I want to consider moving from a paid WordPress site to a self-hosted site? Will any of this really matter on a blog that is lucky to get 20 views a day?
  6. I would like to make the time to do a couple more short trips to Kentucky to see my family even if it means taking a long weekend and driving a lot in a few days to do so.
  7. Whenever my friends from high school plan the 50th birthday celebration for the class this year I want to do what it takes to get there even if that again means two days of driving for one day there.

In general, I want to spend less time sitting on my couch and more time doing fun stuff and find an everyday life that does not make me miserable enough to never want to leave the house. Easy, right?


6 thoughts on “2019 Thoughts

  1. Except for number 4, which is problematic to say the least and may take much thought and mental effort, your list may be accomplished. Any steps you make in any of these areas lead you in the right direction. If you’re like me, the problem is inertia, paralysis of a sort. I have lots of things I want to accomplish along the same lines of your thoughts, but I have to get past the immobility I suffer when it comes to actually getting started. It’s a problem I’ve had all my life. I do manage to get past that point eventually. But I think I’d be much happier if I could just get going without the anxiety of getting started. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

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