What’s Good in Tater Town 12/16/18

I’m suffering from a severe case of Christmas Cheer deficit that playing Santa four times this week could not overcome. I think it will continue until I get out of town next weekend. Let’s see if there was still good to find.

  1. Despite some parking frustrations delaying our arrival, we went to Zoo Lights and the National Zoo Sunday night with the kids and then went out to dinner.
  2. Old work friends came back to the library Monday to see Santa.
  3. My Thursday at work was play Santa and then go to the work holiday party. Every workday should be that fun.
  4. I had Friday off and was able to finally buy my wife’s Christmas gifts.
  5. The rain held off on Friday long enough for me to finish shopping and take the dog for a walk.
  6. We had 11 straight days with no precipitation. That doesn’t sound like much, but this year it is. I’m so tired of rain.
  7. My time as Santa is over for the year. It was nice to do something different at work and away from the public service desk, but I’m not jolly enough to be Santa.
  8. Kentucky basketball won yesterday. Winning is more fun than losing.
  9. My daughter comes home from college for winter break today.
  10. I only have four more days of work until I’m off until January 2.

This will likely be the last one for the year. My next two Sundays will be in Kentucky. I probably won’t post at all(except maybe a short Merry Christmas post) while I’m away. I will do my year in review sometime next week and I’ m sure there will be a couple of other random posts.  My year in reading and my year in blogging will come around January 1.


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