The Little Things

This has been the week of a bunch of little things piling up to try to ruin my week. I’ve been complicit in this by allowing these things to get in my brain and affect my mood. A sampling:

I won’t use specifics on some as this is not an anonymous blog, but several instances of people criticizing the way I did something, “fixing” something I’ve done and/or treating me like I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to do anything. This is a good way to motivate me to do as little as possible. What’s the point?

My lawn mower battery dying on me when I’m not quite done with the lawn.

Losing time by parking and then walking a long way in a direction only to find out that there is no way to get where I’m going from there and having to walk all the way back to the car, uphill, to get to where I was trying to go.

Finding out that I was right to be worried when one of my favorite writers had not written or tweeted n a while. News came out Monday morning that Drew Magary was injured in some sort of accident and from the sound of the article, not in great shape. I’ve only talked to him a couple of times, but I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter hoping for an update on his condition.

Being up and dressed and about to leave the house this morning to run errands and getting a call that the appointment for a furnace inspection my wife made and didn’t tell me about was in 30 minutes. Errands not run. Instead, I spend the morning dealing with a dog that is very angry about the strange person in the house.

Who knows what fresh irritation leaving the house will bring.

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