Planning My Funeral

Watching the Bush funeral yesterday reminded me of this. I hope that my funeral is a long way away, but please, don’t let it be boring.

The World's Common Tater

I went to a memorial service yesterday. At the beginning of the service, they invited family and friends to come forward to speak. I love this. It is so much more personal than a random pastor who may or may not know the person giving a standard, generic funeral service. I was telling my friend who was there that I liked services like that and that I need to plan my own funeral so it isn’t boring. I’ve already told some friends that they have to have a wake for me when I die. I want people to get together and drink and laugh and remember the good times. I think maybe I should also plan my own funeral.

I would want friends and family to be invited to speak. I would hope that they would know that I would want them to balance the sad with some funny stories…

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2 thoughts on “Planning My Funeral

  1. I remember both this post and the funeral. I agree. I need to plan my own funeral. My friend who died earlier this year planned her funeral, but she forgot a couple of crucial things. I don’t want to do that. But is it too soon?

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