Sometimes I go months without remembering any of my dreams. I might have a fragment of a dream in my mind when I wake up, but it’s gone by the time I’m downstairs at the Keurig. Right now I’m in a period of my dreams being very vivid and memorable. I’m not sure what leads to either phase or which I prefer. At least the dreams I’m having aren’t nightmares. Here are a couple of recent ones:

  •  I dreamed I was an assistant basketball coach for the University of Kentucky. he head coach, John Calipari, had to take a leave of absence and I was named the interim head coach instead of the people on staff who actually know how to coach basketball. I didn’t make it to an actual game before I woke up, but I’m sure it would have been a disaster. This one was so vivid and memorable that it almost seemed like a memory. If someone had asked me in the first hour or so after I was awake if I had been the interim head coach for UK I might have said yes.
  • I’m going to cover the desk at another branch today. I received an email meant for management at that branch this week. I’m not exactly thrilled with my current situation at work. All of this obviously lead to my dream that I was transferred to this branch. Part of me wished it was a prophetic dream.

I’ve had a few of the extremely vivid dreams like the first one in my life. So strong and memorable that they feel like memories and not dreams. I’d almost be afraid to write my (very boring) memoir because I might discover some of my memories aren’t true.

DO you remember your dreams? Are they ever so vivid they seem like real life?

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I rarely remember my dreams. When I do, they’re usually nightmares. Not too long ago, though, I had a few very vivid dreams. They weren’t like memories, but they were crystal clear. One night a dream morphed a few times before I woke up. I recall thinking that it was all pretty weird and I was glad they were dreams. Nothing bad, just bizarre.


  2. I never remember my dreams… I wish that I did. I actually wanted to do a post kind of about why I wish I remembered my dreams. 🙂 Those people who remember dreams are so lucky! Sitting here thinking– I can’t even remember the last time I remembered a dream…


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