When One Door Closes

We’ve all heard the expression “When one door closes, another opens” In my experience, that has not been the case.

In my experience, all the doors are closed all of the time.  In that case, there is the saying that when a door closes, a window opens. Unfortunately, in my case, the windows typically have bars on them. For me, for 19 years, they were literal bars.

In some cases, when the one door closes and another opens, that open door is a trap and you should avoid it. Sometimes closed doors are protecting you from something worse on the other side. Unfortunately, you probably won’t know it was a trap until you are on the other side and the door has closed behind you.

Doors can be a tricky thing. You can spend years looking for that open door, wondering why the doors aren’t opening for you without realizing that perhaps the doors are protecting you from what’s on the other side.

So, be careful. Every knock on the door isn’t opportunity. Sometimes a closed door is a good thing.

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