What’s Good In Tater Town 11/25/18

It should be easy to find good things from this past week. It was a pleasant interlude in what has been some challenging weeks. Let’s get to the good.

  1. My wife attended another Ravens game with me. I think it might be the last one this season, but it was nice not going alone as I have in the past.
  2. It was a holiday week, so I only had to work four days this week and we closed at 5 on the day I work until 9 so I had no night shifts this week.
  3. I took 2 hours of personal leave on Tuesday to drive to campus to pick up my daughter. This should count as two – more time away from work and my daughter coming home.
  4. My daughter has been home since Tuesday and even though it means my control of the TV is not absolute anymore, it is nice to have her here.
  5. My son was home when I got home from work on Wednesday and he and my wife had put up the outside lights.
  6. He spent the night Wednesday night and Thursday night – the longest he’s stayed home in a while/
  7. He’s coming back today to go to the football game with me.
  8. We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving with just the four of us. No travel, no stress over company coming over. Just good food and family time.
  9. The rain yesterday gave me an excuse to ignore the leaves I need to rake and instead get a nice rest day instead.
  10. Kentucky won big against Louisville last night. It was nice to see them win big against a bad team and that  bad team being Louisville made it even nicer.

Back to a full week of work tomorrow. Hopefully, the holiday season will help the good continue to be easy to find.

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