What’s Good in Tater Town 11/18/18

I don’t know if getting to ten will be easy, but it won’t be as hard as normal to get started with good things. That’s a nice change.

  1. Instead of spending my Monday off never leaving the house, we actually left the house and went to hang out with friends of mine from work.
  2. We didn’t stay long because my wife had been sick and wanted to get home early to rest, but others left first so I didn’t feel like the boring old guy.
  3. I didn’t expect food at our staff meeting on Wednesday, but there were surprise croissant sandwiches and cookies.
  4. Kentucky basketball and football both won this week. Basketball won easily as they should have. It was a good sports week.
  5. I woke up Thursday morning with no snow and expected to go to work on time, but got a text that we were opening at noon.
  6. The snow got heavier as the day went on and right as I was heading out to clean off my car and go to work I got the surprise announcement that we were closed and I didn’t have to leave the house.
  7. I got to spend a surprise snow day on the couch watching TV. After a year of no snow days last year, a November one this year was a nice surprise.
  8. Treated myself to breakfast out Friday morning(because I had a free item on my app) and spent some time relaxing and reading a book while finishing my coffee before I came home and scrubbed toilets.
  9. A surprise visit from my son on Friday when he came home to use our oven(and ingredients) to make broccoli casserole to a Friendsgiving thing he was attending and then back again the next day for dinner.
  10. Friday night with friends at book club(even though they were all sleepy by 9)



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