What’s Good in Tater Town 11/11/18

Here I am once again trying to remember good things that happened this week. I’m old. I barely remember this week.

  1. Monday afternoon I took a step toward taking action toward change in my life instead of just talking about it.
  2. Leftover Halloween candy at work since I had none at home.
  3. I was able to actually sleep in a little on my morning off instead of waking up way too early.
  4. I used to be one of the “too early” people, but I’m happy to have Christmas music as on option on my drive to work.
  5. It hasn’t been the best start to a season, but I now will have at least one Kentucky basketball game on TV each week.
  6. Readily available coffee both at home and work.
  7. I’ve been able to avoid the illness going around work and my house.
  8. The time change sucks, but it is nice to wake up to daylight and the early dark gives me an excuse to be lazy when I get home from work.
  9. My daughter is home for the weekend and my son came home for several hours yesterday.
  10. We put up the Christmas tree while they were her, so I have a little bit of festive in my house now.

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