Tater Talks Today’s Explosive News

I am at home this morning and following the news of the bombs being intercepted. Earlier in the week there was one sent to George Soros. Today there is news that the Secret Service has intercepted suspicious packages to the Clintons, the Obamas and the White House. I’m watching live reports on CNN of their NYC headquarters being evacuated due to a suspicious package. You have to assume there might be more out there targeting others. The hope is that if there are more, they will be found and neutralized before there are injuries or death. Days like this are bad enough in general, but especially bad when you have friends and family who work in government offices in and near DC.

The bombs are enough of a sign that the world is a terrible place. The responses are just as bad. When the reports first started coming out about the Clinton and Obama bombs people were jumping on Facebook to laugh about it and post comments saying they wished they would have let them blow up. Those who weren’t wishing for the death of people because they don’t share their political views were either placing blame on others or calling it fake news. I’m sure there are people out there saying they wish the White House had blown up. I’ve already seen comments from people saying the White House bomb is either fake news or the “conservatives” sending it to throw off the investigation in to their attempts to blow up the liberals. On Twitter I saw people who seemed OK with CNN blowing up. I’m sure others would say the same about FOX News.

How did we get here? How did we get to a point where we would want people dead because we disagree with them? When did we stop caring about other people unless they agree with us? We should not be cheering or laughing about the attempt to murder people. If you are someone who is cheering or laughing about a murder attempt, you have serious issues. We need to find a way to get back to the point when we can have different opinions and still not wish the other person dead. Why is that so hard?

2 thoughts on “Tater Talks Today’s Explosive News

  1. How did we get here? The Southern Strategy.
    Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon consciously set out to divide Americans and create a more partisan society in order to make inroads into the traditionally-democratic-leaning southeastern US. Everything that’s happened since–the rise of fanatical evangelicalism (which occurred via the NRA; the first evangelical to gain any sort of power was Wayne LaPierre, when he was installed as the NRA’s head in the late seventies, and evangelicalism and gun ownership have marched in lockstep ever since), the push into deeper and deeper partisanship, the rise of isolationism and the nationalism that comes with it, and of course the racism where it all started… all of these things happened because Goldwater and Nixon wanted more votes.

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  2. I don’t want Trump dead…I just want him to go away and never return, which is not the same thing. I’m sick of all this bashing..bashing liberals (of which I am one), bashing conservatives, bashing Republicans, bashing Democrats, bashing whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, red white and purple spotted blue booted boobies. It’s like a nightmare version of Oprah. “You get to be bashed and YOU get to be bashed. YOU ALL GET TO BE BASHED.”

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