What’s Good in Tater Town 10/21/18

Guess what? I didn’t write stuff down again? Surprised? I didn’t think so. I can barely remember what I did this week. This will be fun.

  1. The Ravens have a home game today and it isn’t supposed to rain on us.
  2. No one has won the Mega Millions yet, so I still have a shot.
  3. Two people actually came to the library specifically to watch the movie I was showing. The first two I just got people who were in the library already and heard the announcement.
  4. The weather has been nice enough to allow me to eat lunch outside every day this week.
  5. There is some sort of Kentucky basketball on every week from now until March.
  6. Kentucky football won again last night and is 6-1.
  7. Another weekend with one of my kids coming home for dinner. It helps that he plays frisbee close by so it’s easy for him to come over for free food, but I will take it.
  8. I have multiple free coffees available at Panera, so I have an excuse to go there to read and have some coffee before work.
  9. For some strange reason, people keep reading this blog.
  10. I started using the screen time feature on IOS 12 and it has made me more aware of how many times I pick up my phone during the day. This has resulted in my average screen time going down this week. I needed that.

Have a good week. Maybe this is the week I start noting good things as they happen.

One thought on “What’s Good in Tater Town 10/21/18

  1. That’s a good list. It’s nice that your offspring wants to come for dinner when he just happens to be nearby. That’s a big win!

    What was good in my week, you ask? (I know, you didn’t.) My friends and I finished sorting the needlework stash left by my best friend when she died. We’re taking it out of the rental storage unit today, to a friend’s garage for storage until we distribute it. Huzzah! We’ve been working on it for about three months. And I finished a big portion of the Christmas stocking cuff I’m needlepointing for my future son-in-law, maybe a third.

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