Tater Fixes Some New TV Shows

I’ve been watching a few new TV shows this season. I like the ones I’ve kept watching, but I don’t love any of them. Here’s my ideas for making some of them better.

Magnum PI – I have no issue with them making Higgins a woman. I think the woman playing Higgins is really good. The thing I don’t like is how much they seem to be going for the “will they, won’t they” thing with Magnum and Higgins. So much so that Rick and TC are barely in the show and it’s the Magnum and Higgins show. If Higgins is going to help with the cases, make her a member of the team, not the only person working with Magnum and let them be friends and nothing more. Also – maybe cut down on the narration.

New Amsterdam – Less is more. Stop adding complicated back stories for the characters. It’s OK for them to just be a doctor and not have a long-lost kid, cancer or a possible drug addiction. Make the main guy more likable. I think they think he is, but really he’s a jerk who convinced his wife to give up her dream to start a family and then left to take a job that breaks their agreement.  Add to that the fact that he refuses to take his cancer seriously and, thus, risks leaving her to raise their unborn baby alone, it makes him hard to like. It might be too late to fix all of that.

A Million Little Things – Same as above. I like all of the actors. They are really good, but there are too many little plot twists in too short a time. Now it looks like we add a possible pregnancy to the mix, I think you can do a show about friends dealing with friendship after a tragedy without adding secret affairs, possible pregnancies and yet another character with cancer refusing treatment. The only story that feels real is the guy who hates his job and wants to quit to follow his dream of making a movie.

Murphy Brown – The biggest mistake they made was bringing the Murphy Brown show back with the main group intact. I think it would be better with some fresh perspective. I think it would have been a better show had they focused it on her son’s show as the lone liberal voice on a conservative network. Have Miles as his producer and Murphy as a contributor. Maybe add in a possible relationship between the son and one of the more moderate conservatives at the network to give Murphy a consistent foil. Frank and Corky are occasional guest stars.

All American – It works fine as a high school drama and with the main character dealing with life in Beverly Hills and his ties back home in Crenshaw. We didn’t really need to add a mystery connection between his mom and the coach. If the coach is going to end up being his dad, tell us now so you can drop the possible relationship between him and the coach’s daughter. We don’t need an accidental incest story line here. If he’s not the dad, also clear it up now anyway so we don’t wonder if there will be accidental incest. Then just focus on the high school drama. It’s enough.

I will probably keep watching these shows. I just wish they were a little better.

8 thoughts on “Tater Fixes Some New TV Shows

  1. I have officially abandoned both Magnum and Murphy Brown. I didn’t watch them this week, and I didn’t miss them. I did, however, find the Good Place on Netflix and started watching season 1 last night. I think I’m up to episode 7 or 8. This may be around the time that I quit watching last time, but I think I’ll continue. It’s good for watching while I do my needlepoint, and I have a project with a deadine coming right up. Now to find the original Magnum somewhere.

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    1. If you have an antenna that picks up over the air digital stations, check your local guide (or whatever) to see if you get the Heroes&Icons channel (I think the website is HandItv.com) because it’s on that channel regularly. My husband watches it there, along with several other shows he really likes like JAG and Star Trek (which is on every night from I think 6-10pm, one hour for different versions like TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager).

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  2. I’v been watching New Amsterdam and I totally agree with everything you said. I’d be watching more Murphy Brown (I did catch the pilot episode) but since it’s a CBS show and they’re really shitty about sharing with streaming services like Hulu, I won’t be. Which is sad because I really liked the original show way back when.

    Also..go watch “The Conners” if you haven’t already. I kinda want to hear what you think. I..wanted to like it. I really REALLY did.

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