My Week in Books, TV and Movies 10/19/18

This will not be the most exciting of weeks in review. Usually, when I have an off week I at least read books or watch a movie. This week, those were as off as my writing schedule was. I’m pretty sure I will also have trouble filling my “What’s Good in Tater Town” post on Sunday.

Books: I actually did read this week. I started Lethal White by Robert Galbraith(JK Rowling) and I’ve read almost 500 pages of it. It is over 600 pages, though, so it will be a few more days before I finish it. I really like this series. Even when the majority of the book is more about the characters lives than the mystery, it is still very good. I can’t wait to watch the show to see what they did with the characters.

TV: I watched a lot of T this week. Generally, it was new episodes of shows I already watch. I did watch two new shows this week. One, The Conners, was not really new, just Roseanne without Roseanne. I thought Roseanne and her terrible acting was the worst part of the revival of Roseanne, so I expected this to be better, and it was. You take out a terrible actress and person and give more screen time to Laurie Metcalf, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert it makes for a much better show. With decent writing, this show could be what people hoped the revival would be in the first place. I also watched The Kids are Alright. It was alright. I might give it another episode or two, but I don’t think it is one I will stick with. I think I might do a post soon in which I write about how I would fix some of the new shows.

Movies:  I did not watch a movie this week. If I did, I don’t remember it. I hope I didn’t I’d hate to think I forgot about watching a movie.

On Deck: I have the new Jurassic World movie, Uncle Drew and Hereditary from the library. I know my wife will only watch Jurassic World. I have no idea when I will have a chance to watch the others. I think we are done with new TV shows until midseason shows appear. I hope to finish Lethal White soon since it is overdue. I have no idea what I will read next. I guess it depends on what I get from the library this week.

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