I Want to Be a Billionaire Take 2

A couple of years ago when lottery fever was high, I wrote a post about what I would do with the money if I won. Today, I revisit the list below.

  1. Sign the ticket – still a good first step.
  2. Hire my accountant/wife as my financial advisor(although she is sometimes surprisingly bad at math) – I guess I would still use her, but I would also find a good lawyer as well.
  3. Claim the money quick because I would be afraid I would lose the ticket. – Same. I wouldn’t want to wait to long because who knows what could happen.
  4. Remain anonymous – I’m pretty sure this is still an option in Maryland. If so, I would still remain anonymous. I don’t need everyone to know I’m wealthy.
  5. Quit my job – I would do this, but not right away so people wouldn’t realize I won. I would work for a little while longer and then find a time when it was particularly annoying and quit in a spectacular fashion.
  6. Set up trust funds for the kids – Same, but would make it so they didn’t get it until they graduated college
  7. Pay off the debts of my family members – I guess I would still be nice to my family
  8. Buy my mom a house – Unfortunately, no longer an option.
  9. Buy a better car, but not an extravagant car – I like the car I have now, but I would probably still upgrade.
  10. Remodel my basement to make it nicer for social events/man cave – Now that the kids are away at college, I would probably lobby for a new house away from the suburbs. Maybe move in to the Obama’s neighborhood in DC.
  11. Enjoy life – As much as a grumpy old man can.
  12. Travel a lot and in first class – Same. I love to travel and the money would make it easier and more comfortable.
  13. Splurge responsibly – Maybe not so responsibly.

I don’t know why I didn’t add charities to that list. I would give money to my church and other worthy charities. I was very greedy when I wrote this list. I also mentioned at the end the possibility of hiring a driver. That is still on the table. I hate to drive.


5 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Billionaire Take 2

  1. I’ve been considering buying a ticket very seriously. I could do a lot with more money, and not just buy myself lots of stuff. But that would definitely be in there. I think I’d give some to Jane and Joey so they can buy a house and maybe pay off the mortgage on my condo. Just saving plenty would be on there because I’m not getting any younger and want to be sure I’m taken care of in the style to which I’d like to be accustomed when I can’t take care of myself. And I’d definitely travel. All the essential things you mentioned in 1-3 plus maybe buy a Tesla, the last car I intend to own.

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