What’s Good in Tater Town 10/7/18

Once again, I didn’t think to write things down during the week. One again, it will be tough to do this without notes. I’m in a stretch where I’m not exactly excited to leave the house in the morning. It’s hard to find the good when you feel like it’s a mistake to leave the house in the morning. So, let’s see if I can find ten god things again…

  1. Both of our kids were home for dinner last night. We’ve seen them both a few times since school started, but it’s rare these days for both to be here at the same time.
  2. The new Andrew Smith book Rabbit & Robot and Iron Flower by Laurie Forest both arrived at the library this week.
  3. The Walking Dead comes back tonight. I know it’s the cool thing now to hate the show, but I still like it and I’m interested to see how they write out the main guy.
  4. We’re in a good sports period. Postseason baseball has started, the NFL is ongoing, the NHL has started, college football is going strong, NBA preseason is here and college basketball is right around the corner. It’s even better because my teams are doing well.
  5. Tomorrow is a holiday for me. I have to work today for 4 hour, but I get tomorrow off. Maybe I will actually leave the house and do something fun.(doubtful)
  6. We’ve had a nice stretch of days with no rain. We did have one storm Thursday night, but other than that it has been dry. We’ve also had some nice cool days and more are coming next weekend.
  7. I’m thankful for coffee. A few minutes relaxing with a good cup of coffee can help make a bad day better.
  8. I am completely unaware of whatever drama there is with the public school parents of Anne Arundel county. I’ve unliked the school system Facebook page, I no longer follow them on Twitter and I no longer belong to any associated groups. One of the bonuses of being an empty nester.
  9. Meetings at the offices next door to my old branch meant seeing friends more than usual. I just wish they would schedule my meetings on farmer’s market day.
  10. Future me will be thankful that today me has decided to stop insisting on 10 things on this list every week.

I am going to try to remember to write things down this week. It will make this a lot easier.

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