Tater Takes on Several Topics

I thought about writing a long post on some of these, but never had the time nor the energy for it, so here are short thoughts on a few topics.

Religion – A lot of people from my hometown have been posting angrily about people complaining about prayer at the high school football game. Apparently, the prayer comes over the PA system which means it is school sponsored. There have been several comments saying the people should leave if they don’t like it. Leave the school, leave the town, leave the country. They scream freedom of religion. They feel persecuted. Same as they do when someone says Happy Holidays and Starbucks changes their holiday cups. But they have no problem with telling others if they don’t share their religion they don’t belong and should leave the country. Freedom of religion applies to all religions, not just your religion or the religion of the majority. Keep praying – just not in a way that is school sponsored or makes others feel they are being forced to pray your way.

Robot Sex – I saw an article recently about a proposed robot brothel. People were not happy about it. Today I see that Houston has banned the proposed robot brothel. I am here in defense of robot sex. It seems in a world where sexual assault is “boys being boys” and we have a major human trafficking issue, we should embrace anything that will take some of these guys away from actual humans. I propose more sex robots. Get these men away from the human women they are abusing and get them in the robot brothels. It won’t fix the problems. We need to change out culture and the way we are raising our sons. We need leaders who care more about people than they do about power. We need a society that is as disgusted by a culture of abuse as they are by the thought of sex with a robot.

More TV – I will end with my less serious TV babble. I watched the two new CBS sitcoms, The Neighborhood and Happy Together. I have the same opinion on both – with a lesser cast I would write them off a bad shows destined for cancellation. With the casts, though, they have a chance to overcome a mediocre pilot and become decent shows. They just need to focus more on expanding the story past the general premise(white family moves in to a black neighborhood/famous pop star moves in with ordinary couple) and they might be OK. Also – a word on Lethal Weapon. Last season, it was revealed that the stars did not like each other, The show fired the guy who played Riggs. Now they guy who plays Murtaugh says he’s quitting. Seems like if he was a decent person he would have quit last season instead of pushing for the other guy to be fired. Why get him fired if you planned on leaving anyway? Dick move Damon Wayans, Sr.

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