What’s on TV Tonight(9/26/18)

I will get to tonight’s schedule in a minute, but first thoughts on two shows. First, the new show Manifest. This is the one where people on a plane land and discover they’ve been missing and presumed dead for five years. They have to deal with life going on without them for those years and some supernatural stuff happening to them. I don’t really want to get invested in a show like this. I get bored when there is a central mystery that never gets solved, but it was good enough for me to give it a couple of more episodes. Next – the Riggs-less Lethal Weapon. I liked it. It’s not the same show, but that is a good thing. Making the new character too much like Riggs would have been a mistake. Seann William Scott is good in the role and it’s good to see Maggie Lawson in anything. I will continue watching. Now on to tonight.

ABC: Four comedies – Goldbergs, American Housewife, Modern Family and Single Parents followed by A Million Little Things at 10.

I think American Housewife is one of the best of the recent comedies. I still watch Modern Family even though it isn’t as good as it used to be. I’ve never watched the Goldbergs. Single Parents has been well reviewed and I like the cast, so I will watch. I do like a good sit-com. I normally wouldn’t watch a show like A Million Little Things, but the cast is good enough for me to give it a shot. We will see if they can make me stick with a show like this.

CBS: Survivor! and then the finale of Big Brother.

I love Survivor. Before I started working on Wednesday nights it was the only show I would watch live. It will be different for me this year. For a long time, Wednesday night Survivor night has been daddy/daughter time. We would pop popcorn and watch Survivor together, either live or delayed, pick our favorites and discuss strategy. My daughter is away at college, so now I will be watching alone. I guess I will see if it is still as fun that way.

CW: Still no new season. A new episode of a summer show called Burden of Truth.

FOX; Empire at 8. Star at 9.

I’ve never watched these shows and have nothing I could say about them.

NBC: One  Chicago night. Med at 8. Fire at 9. PD at 10.

It makes sense for these shows to all be on the same night, but will it help or hurt ratings? Will people who watch live tire of Chicago if it is all in one night? I guess we will see. We only watch Fire. I wasn’t expecting to like it, but here I am.

Cable: American Horror Story, South Park and Bojack seem to be the highlights. Three shows I’ve never watched.

9 thoughts on “What’s on TV Tonight(9/26/18)

  1. I’m ambivalent about most of this. Actually most I never have watched (returning series obviously), and much of the rest I’m not really interested in. I may try ABC’s line-up while I’m stitching, but don’t hold me to that. Hahahahahaha.

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      1. I know what you mean….shows are jumping the shark so much earlier now, but once you get invested in a show….my rule is I allow myself one new show a season, and if something ends up being good I’ll binge it over the summer


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